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AFeWiS meru beehive fence project is a program set to help finish the human elephant conflict that’s ongoing across several community villages and farms adjacent to the Arusha national Park. The beehive project helps deter away elephants from crops.  Bee’s hate disturbances wherever They are, especially when they have a beehive. Any elephant that comes close to the  bee’s will definitely be attacked and that leads to elephants turning back to the Park and stop crossing over borderline’s.

so the beehives are mounted  few steps close to national Park borderline’s.

currently 56 beehives are already grounded across 7 farms.

The good news is that these 56 beehives have helped chase away almost 50+ elephants that used to destroy agricultural crops across lendoiya village alongside Arusha national Park.
The project is funded by Nikela (Russ and margrit Harris) from the United States of America, we thank them for such a kind heart in helping people saving wildlife.
More 46 beehive fences are needed because elephants are increasing in numbers and Visiting several villages in search for maize plantations,beans, potatoes, banana plantations and so forth.
more elephant births have been witnessed currently since last year and there’s a need to control their movements outside the Park. Our main mission is to fight against elephant human conflicts and bee’s are really helpful in controlling and eliminating this whole problem.
The beehive fence project helps to shield and protect lives and agricultural crops adjacent to the Arusha national Park as both an incentive and knowledge based awareness process that assures lasting security, safety of biodiversity resources, identification and prevention of specific threats that allow biodiversity loss on both sides of the border.
This project calls for sustainable partnership between villagers and wildlife functionaries in joint custodianship to conserve wild land dependant species ie. Animals and plants alongside national Park borderline’s.
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